Monday, November 8, 2010

New Motorbike

After a huge morning rise at 5:00am for Kapa haka I was narkerd going to rugby after just made it worse and I had black lips!!
Mum said to all the parents “excuse kahlee’s black lips she has being at Kapa haka”
and of cause that just made me have to talk to all the parents. Witch i really didn’t want to do because I was exhausted.
As i moaned and growned mum said “ I no your tired but please stop moaning you have suprize at home”
As i stop with wonder I new it was gonna be something big because dad had come back from Hamilton the night last night.
I stood there with wonder thinking what it could be. when the rugby game was over we went home I asked were it was i asked mum she said it was in the garage.
when dad opened the garage door i sore a black newish MOTORBIKE!!!! “OH YEA I YELLED”
Dad said that it needs new petrol though. As we went inside I asked if we can go put new petrol in and ride it.
Dad said that we could so we tied the motorbike on the trayler.
As we got to dads work we emptyed the petrol out and put some brand new stuff in it
and that afternoon we played on my new motorbike. I also named it a name its called Storm because its black.
THE END By Kahlee Norton.