Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Devan's Camp Reflection

Oww. We were almost at camp Mangawhai. I was very excited. The only thing I knew about this place was about 10 photos and the activities. I was worried that I would not be able to do them all. When we got there I was thoughtless - archery looked so cool, the water slide was so long, and the flying fox was high as.

I worked out how to get myself out of bed on the second day. Pods 9 and 11 lined up in the hall. My first activity was archery. I could not wait for my turn.

As we made our way to the flying fox, I felt a bit worried about the run up the hill. As soon as I did it, I discovered it was a real work out.

Next was the water slide, my third favourite thing on the list. I felt cold going down it. I assumed I would get to the bottom, but I didn’t.

As we drove home I felt proud as I remembered doing all the activities, though I was a bit worried that future camps will not be as good. I even learnt something new.

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