Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Emma's Camp Reflection

Before I went on camp, I felt nervous about how big the water slide and flying fox would be. I was worried about camp getting out of hand and people not listening.

I was nervous that the rope on the flying fox would snap when I went down. I felt relieved when I hit the bottom. It was a frightful ride.

In Archery, I thought that the arrow would fly straight into the pig pen and kill the pig. On my second try, it hit near the bulls eye but not near enough.

I felt overwhelmed when I did Surf Life Saving , because we did an activity where you lay down in the stinky sand. The leader said go and you ran straight forward and get the hose piece.

I thought it was a big bummer going back to school. And I would love to go again. I loved taking part in that camp.

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  1. Hi, hey we really like your webb site, awesome effort by Mr B and his fab class. Emma we really enjoyed reading about your time at camp.Sounds like you had heaps of fun with your mates and got to do some fantastic things, just wait till next years camp... Wahoo!


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