Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jessica's Camp Reflection

Boom, Boom, went my heart as I thought about Camp Mangawhai. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. I realised that this camp was going to be fun and busy, not freaky or boring. As I thought about night-time my home-sickness grew and grew, the more I thought about it. It made me shiver.

I was over-whelmed by all of the fun activities, especially the water-slide! I made up my mind and decided to give it a go!
I nervously stepped on to the cold, icy water-slide. It looked like a slithering slug! My mind was blurred as I sped down the slippery water-slide.

“Wahoo!” I shouted as I hit the bottom with a big SPLASH! I discovered that the water-slide wasn’t too bad after all! It started to get a bit chilly so I decided to leave to go back to my messy dorm.

It was night-time now and we had just finished a delicious dinner. We went straight back to our dorms after a story and a game of trivial pursuit. But unfortunately we did not win. I forgot about my home-sickness when I went to bed, because I was too busy trying to fill my pillowcase with clothes!

I was sad to leave camp but wanted to see my family. I believe that if I hadn’t gone, I would have felt mad and silly. I would definitely want to go again and I think that it was an awesome place to take people. I have learnt that if you try new things you feel proud and can tell people what things you have done.

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