Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ruby's Camp Reflection

I was excited about going on camp, I could not wait. I thought we would have to do a whole load of activities. I was worried about the water slide because it was very long.

Before I went on the water slide I thought it was going to be fast. I felt nervous before I went on it because I have never been on one before. I did enjoy it because it was fast and because I loved the big splash at the end. I learnt that things that you think aren’t always true. I fell proud of my self that I went down.

I thought archery would be hard, but I was not nervous because I have done it before. I really enjoyed it because I hit the target a lot. I learnt how to do archery properly. Now I think it was great fun.

Before I went on the flying fox, I thought it was going to be slow. I had butterflies in my stomach because it was very high. I enjoyed it because it went fast. I learnt it was not that high. I felt it was nice fun.

I’m glad I went on camp because it was good fun.It was worth while because I enjoyed all the activities that we did. I would love to go again because it was the best camp ever. I would recommend it to other friends. I think school should go on camp because it a good way to learn new skills.
The End.


  1. Adele (Ben's Mum)June 15, 2010 at 2:18 AM

    Well done Ruby for getting over your nerves on the water slide. You almost made me feel nervous as if I was going to have been going down it for the first time too! Glad you enjoyed camp so much and want to go again. You are so right in that it is an excellent way of learning new skills. Thank you for your story.


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