Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jevon's Camp Reflection

I was really excited when we were going to camp because I have never been on a camp like this before. I could picture myself going down the water slide really fast.

I was really excited about going on the water-slide. I was thinking am I going to make a big splash. I had made big splashes on other water-slides I have been on, but not all of them.

When we got there, I decided to look at the water-slide. I worked out that it was very long and bumpy. It was so awesome. Also the flying fox was very long too.

I really liked the baking and I thought it was really nice. Then there was the diners which were also nice. After that we had to get ready for bed. We got 5 minutes to get ready for bed and brush our teeth, then it was lights out.

On the last day of camp we got to chose one activity. I chose to go on the flying fox. I was thinking hard because we weren’t allowed to change our minds once we had chosen what we were doing. I had a good time on camp and hope we can go back again.


  1. This Story is really exciting to read. Me and your Dad enjoyed reading about your awesome time you had. Its really great that you did camp on your own for the first time. Sounds like you and your class had a ball.
    If we had to pick out any inprovements about your story would be that next time maybe one of us could come along and join in the fun...ha

    Awesome stories Pod 11

  2. You have done well writing about your thoughts on camp and how you enjoyed certain parts of it more than other parts. Sounds like you had a great time on the flying fox especially, and neat to hear that you would like to go back again.


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